My Internal Image Blog

Health and beauty always seem to go together, as if they were the same. However, what is promoted in our culture as health and beauty mostly revolves around outer appearance and has little to do with actual health or real beauty.

Weeks before the broadcasting of beauty pageants such as Miss USA and Miss America, we see countless promotional advertisements showing clips of the contestants, with particular emphasis on the swimsuit competition. During the broadcast most of the time is spent on how they look in a swimsuits, and how they look in an evening gown. Then they whittle down who looks best and of those who remain in the competition we get to see a little about their talents in the performing arts. In the end we give the few left standing a minute or so to tell us little about what they actually think.

Commercials during the broadcast are mostly for hair products, cosmetics, plastic surgery and weight loss programs. On a subliminal level, the advertisers are saying, “You can look like them (the contestants) too.” However, the contestants achieve their looks through extreme primping and training. They represent a very small proportion of the female population and not the norm. Yet many women aspire to achieve the look of perfection and feel insecure when they compare themselves to those who seem to have it.