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Turn on your television for an hour or so I and you will most likely see a commercial for anti-depressants. They all have the message that if you’re feeling down, medicate it.  Never mind actually dealing with the destructive thought processes that are driving your feelings of  blue. Today it is estimated that one in four women are taking some form of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication.

running in the morning

You will also likely see commercials for fitness programs, products, and gym memberships. However , it seems as if most fitness programs and products are about first, obtaining a certain look, and second, about being healthy. At some point you might actually hear something about “feeling” better. I believe this is backwards. Exercise can help you feel better, good health and looks are the bi-products.

So, can exercise help you kick depression? It did for me, and I believe it can for you as well.

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If you suffer from depression, get help and get moving. Find a qualified therapist to help you navigate through your negative thought processes. Get moving physically to get those endorphins pumping you’ll become healthier mentally and physically.

A life filled with love and joy are there for you. Get moving and go get it.