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Do you compare yourself to other women by looking at what they have, who they’re with, or how they look? Does your sense of self-worth come from within or do you routinely seek approval from others? Are you a chronic people-pleaser always putting the needs of others above your own so you can maintain their approval?

These types of behaviors allow others to take advantage of you. They also can put you in an endless cycle of seeking validation from others. When you don’t get it, insecurity, fear and isolation can set in.

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When you see anotherwoman who seems to have it all together, do you think she has something you don’t? You might be thinking “sure, if I looked like her, I would feel more cofident and my life would be much easier.” If you have thoughts like this, it’s time for a reality check. What you’re buying into is an illusion.

The reality is that those women have it all as a result of stellar self-confidence, hard work, intense focus on their goals, and not relying on being emotionally dependent on anyone else. They love who they are and what they do. They get into relationships that compliment them but they could just as easily be self-confident and self-sufficient alone.