"Craig helped me look deeper within myself and helped me to understand that it didn't matter that I wasn’t getting as much support as I would have liked. I now know I’m the only person who needs to be okay with my decisions and if others disagree, that's on them. Craig helped me realize that I was purposefully choosing people who I wanted to help, and not understanding that I deserved happiness as well. I’m now happily in a mutually beneficial relationship. Now whenever I start feeling anxious, I go back to the tools Craig gave me. There are always days when I doubt myself, wondering if I did enough, but then I ask myself, ‘Did I do my best?’ and I know I did, so I can control the anxiety. Craig has empowered me to live my own life by my own morals and my own standards, not anyone else’s."

Christy, Reno NV

"I was at a transitional point in my career when I met Craig. I knew I needed to change jobs and he helped me figure out what (and how) to do that. I have since started my new business and I saw success within just a few months. Craig is skilled at helping people set achievable goals, direct their energy, and then achieve them. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to get unstuck and discover their true potential."

Jackie Shelton | Owner, Jax Marketing and Communications - Reno NV

"I have known Craig for several years now. I recently turned to Craig at a very dark point in my life. I was feeling lost and uncertain about the future. It's amazing how inspired I felt after just one call with Craig. He continued to work with me for several weeks and in that time, he helped restore my sense of wonder and self-worth. I learned how to trust myself again, tune into my desires, and take action toward my dreams. Craig has Zen-like compassion and patience, and humor to boot! There is no dream too big to take on. Everything is approached incrementally, with practical steps that make the big picture feel less scary. I owe a lot to Craig's continued kindness and support over the years. I would recommend him in a heartbeat!"

Lara Lee Ingram - Portland OR

"This has been a truly transformational experience for me. I've become a more intelligent, capable person because of Craig. He taught me to live deliberately, and helped me regain my self-esteem. For that, he has my boundless gratitude."

Kari Beaupre - Reno NV

"Craig has many strengths as a Life Coach. One of the strongest is his steady, non-judgmental approach. When he coaches, his wisdom comes through. He is very good at keeping me on track with the goals I have set for myself. He is also good at helping me talk through issues that come up in day-to-day life. He introduces many useful tools that are the benchmark of his coaching style. You get a sense that there is a strong clear foundation from which his coaching arises. The most profound gift from working with him has been his influence that has helped me love and accept myself just as I am."closeQuote

April Hirschman - San Francisco CA