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Standing Up To Life's Challenges

  • Bad break-ups
  • Career transition
  • Family discord
  • Stuck in a rut
  • Feeling insecure about your outer appearance

These are just some of the thousands of challenges life throws at you on a regular basis, all of which can erode your sense of self-worth and limit your potential. The good news is that your attitude can make almost every situation better, and possessing stellar self-confidence is the easiest way to get that attitude.

I’ve spent most of my life helping women find their inner confidence, currently in my personal development coaching practice, but also working in education and formerly with the police department as a community services officer.

At My Internal Image, we provide you with a safe place, free of judgment, where you can reclaim your power, banish obsessive thoughts and see the ability in you, the way you are right now. Here, you will learn to love and appreciate all the beautiful imperfections and eccentricities that make you uniquely you, and stand with an inspiring, mighty group of women who are realizing their true inner and outer potential, one day at a time.

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