You Shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free.

 Where and how do we start?

As an Ipec Certified Professional Coach, Craig begins  his coaching process by having his clients take the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI). With the results of this assessment, Craig and his clients are able to clearly identify self sabatoging beliefs and patterns that are crushing their confidence and together, they develop a plan to change them for better…and for good!

Common areas of revelation include:

  • How you subconsciously see yourself and others and how your perceptions influence how you feel.
  • Why you may feel insecure even though those around you are telling you, you’re amazing and beautiful.
  • How your subconscious attitudes influence your relationship to others, and how you attract or repel them.

The purchase of this assessment includes a 90 minute debrief and coaching session with Craig to analyze your results and offer you strategies for makeing changes to creating a life you love. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.


Craig offers custom coaching programs taylored to your needs to helo guide you from where they are, and where you want to be. Each coaching option offers a safe environment, free of judgment, where you will grow, explore new ways of being, and ultimately create the life you love – one that doesn’t include feeling insecure or obsessive comparison to others.


Private Coaching

60-minute private sessions with Craig are available for those individuals who want exclusive, focused attention as they work through the inner issues and private battles that brought them to coaching.

Get in touch

To inquire about availabilty, how coaching can help you, how Craig’s coaching process works, and to answer any questions you have, please contact Craig at or call (775) 225-7301.