Spring Cleaning Your Mind and Spirit

One of my favorite Foundation Principals I learned through my coach training with iPEC is “We are each a product of our own belief system.” No two people experience the world in the same way. Everyone experiences life through the “filter” of his or her personal history. The interesting thing about belief systems is if they are not serving you in a favorable way, they can be changed to ones that are more in alignment with your values.  Many personal “dilemmas” that clients present to coaches can be addressed by helping the client change the beliefs that created his or her reality.

Spring time is the time for cleaning up the debris from the yard that has blown in from winter storms, dethatching and aerating the lawn and fertilizing it, and weeding out the flower beds to make room for beautiful new spring flowers.  Think of your belief system as your yard in spring time. To transform your yard, first certain things need to first be removed. The debris blown in by storms, the dead grass through detaching, and the weeds need to be extracted from the flower beds. The yard does not change until these steps occur.

Likewise, the quality and experience of our lives remain as they are unless we put effort into making a change in our belief system.  This requires becoming aware of the thoughts and beliefs we have created through our subconscious, extracting the ones that drain our energy and limit our potential, and then replacing them with thoughts and beliefs that will lead us to the life experience we truly desire.

We never see the seeds of the weeds carried by the winds that take root in our flower beds. Likewise we are not usually aware of the negative thought processes in our belief systems that bring us down, create fear, anxiety, depression and so forth. We get messages everywhere everyday consciously or unconsciously from family, friends, co-workers, strangers, and media. At times in our development, we may have gotten a strong negative message from someone very influential in our lives which we filter in a way that protects us but creates and faulty belief about ourselves. The one I contend with the most in my practice is the belief that what is most important for women is how pretty they are, which is driven by media and advertising.

Once you have taken the time and put in the effort  to remove the debris, dethatch the lawn and pull the weeds from the flower beds, you are ready to create new growth and a beautiful yard you can enjoy throughout the Spring and Summer. Some people say “just think positive” but that would be like planting flowers in a flower bed full of weeds where the flowers get choked out by them.

In your mind, your weed like thoughts might look like these: “I am unattractive, If only I could lose a few pounds, was better looking, etc…my life would be great, I am not good enough to have what I really want in life,  If I looked like so and so thing would be much easier for me.”  It’s important to know that there is no TRUTH to these comments, they get created by belief systems which can be changed.  Once you create an awareness of these negative thought patters, you can change them.  Once you eliminate them your can replace them with more effective ones.