Craig is an engaging, sought-after speaker and certified professional coach.

He delivers a powerful message geared toward women to guide generations through the self-esteem challenge. Women will learn how media and advertising promotes low self-esteem with unrealistic images of beauty and how to build “real” beauty from within. Moms will learn how their relationship with food affects their daughters and how to take care of themselves – physically and emotionally – when they’re feeling overwhelmed.

With a deep understanding of the pressure women experience living in a culture that continuously promotes beauty perfection, Craig presents on topics that are relevant and of the greatest concern to his audiences.

Quotes from Craig’s speaking engagements:

“I really enjoyed Craig telling the real truth about our society regarding the treatment of women. This is a most enlightening program for all.”

“I loved the uplifting confirmation that I’m okay just the way I am and will continue to be just fine. A great presentation at a time I could really use it!”

“I think Craig has a good handle on contemporary problems with female objectification and this is a great thing that is being taught.”

What Will Drive You?

His passion and insight, combined with his uplifting presence make his presentations dynamic and full of heart for women, parents of daughters, and youth groups. They include:

Developing self-confidence at the core, not by how you look.

Women are bombarded daily, through media and advertising, with the message that what is most important for them is how pretty and sexy they are. Craig dispels this idea and shatters the illusion. Women gain knowledge of the four most common subconscious thought processes that kill their self-confidence and learn to develop powerful affirmations that build self confidence at the core.

For Moms: Creating Balance And Harmony For You And Your Family – Step One, Love Thyself

Moms are always busy taking care of everyone else. It’s only natural, right? But what
about you? Craig offers strategies for setting boundaries and establishing effective time-
management practices so moms can get their “me time”. Craig also offers the 5 parenting musts for raising confident, self-assured kids.

For Business Women – Unleash Your Inner Confidence and Increase Your Bottom Line

Confidence impacts every facet of your life…your relationships, your health, your peace of mind and your bottom line.  Gain awareness of how your subconscious self-perception impacts your bottom line.  Learn how to be fully confident inside and out when you show up to meetings, sales calls, and presentations.

Women gain knowledge of the four most common subconscious thought processes that kill their self-confidence and learn to develop powerful inner dialogue that builds self-confidence at the core.

Participants gain knowledge of how they show up energetically and attract or repel potential clients.

Tips on how to address sales objections with ease and not let rejection sabotage your drive for success.

For Parents : Empowering Our Daughters So They Become Confident, Self-assured Women

Today, many young women suffer from some form of an eating disorder and too many are taking some form of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication. This presentation focuses on how we can communicate with our daughters in a way that instills in them a solid foundation of self-worth and empowerment.

Three learning objectives:
1) Become aware of how our daughters begin to make sense of who they are and
understand their value.
2) The dos and don’ts of what we say and how we say it to our daughters.
3) How to communicate with our sons so they grow up to honor and respect the
women in their lives.

Living Life With Unlimited Passion, Love, And Fun

Craig shares his very personal , inspirational story of how he overcame a debilitating depression that left him hospitalized for three weeks as the age of 21. From that experience, he found inspiration in his faith, and has since created a life filled with many accomplishments and more love than he ever thought possible. A truly inspiring story in a time when it is all too common to medicate depression, without giving any consideration to finding a way out.